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Tips on using Pathway

Pathway is a user-friendly system of signs, symbols,
and other tools to help people find their way around
UCSF Medical Center.
This web site, pathway.ucsfmedicalcenter.org, is the first step in the Pathway system. Find the destination you are looking for and you will receive step-by-step directions to that destination. These directions will include driving and walking directions as well as parking and drop-off options - all designed to get you to your destination efficiently and easily.

Pathway sign

Pathway is based on primary pathways - major walking paths that are marked with signs like the one above and by round blue dots. These Pathways lead the way through the Parnassus Heights and Mount Zion sites. Along the Pathway are Landmark Elevators, named by letters of the alphabet, that act as orientation points.

Elevator Landmark sign

To keep Pathway simple, most public destinations are associated with a Landmark Elevator, such as Elevator A above. On the Pathway, you will see signs pointing you to the Landmark Elevator near your destination. At the Landmark Elevator, you will see signs to your destination. Some destinations are associated with buildings, and you will see directions to buildings along the Pathway to guide you.